A leatherback released by a collaboration of fishermen, scientists, and government officials in Sinaloa, México

We love to be able to share good news about conservation activities with positive results for leatherbacks and the people who care about them in the Eastern Pacific.

Laúd OPO member, Dr Alan Zavala Norzagaray, shared such positive news recently. At the end of March of this year, a leatherback turtle got entangled in fishing nets en Sinaloa, México. However, according to a report from the outlet “Espejo” the turtle “was rescued by a group of fishermen from Dautillos, off the coast of Navolato, after which it was transported, in coordination with personnel from the Environmental Protection Authority (PROFEPA) and investigators from the Interdisciplinary Center for Research for Integrated Regional Development of the National Polytechnical Institute (CIIDIR-IPN) en the city of Guasave, led by Dr. Alán Zavala Norzagaray, to a rehabilitation center under their care.”

Dr Alan Zavala attaches a satellite transmitter to Ariadne, a leatherback turtle rescued in Sinaloa, Mexico.

La Red de Conservación de la Tortuga Laúd del Pacífico Oriental comenzó en 2012 cuando más de treinta investigadores, ONGS y expertos de la región se reunieron para desarrollar un plan de acción para estabilizar y recuperar la población de tortugas laúd en el este del Pacífico.