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Sergio Pingo
Sergio Pingo

Sergio is a Biologist who graduated from the National University of Piura, Peru. Since 2011, he has been working with threatened marine species in northern Peru as part of the team of the non-governmental organization ProDelphinus. He has participated as an on-board observer in various research projects studying the interaction between artisanal fisheries and marine animals, especially sea turtles. He works directly with fishermen to identify problems about sea turtle bycatch. He is committed to the conservation of sea turtle species and shares his fieldwork with environmental education activities with students, teachers and fishermen from the northern ports of Peru. Currently, he is studying for a master’s degree in the Master’s Program in Marine Sciences at the National University of Piura and is a representative of Prodelphinus in Piura.

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The Eastern Pacific Leatherback Turtle Conservation Network started in 2012 when over thirty researchers, NGOs, and regional experts came together to develop an action plan to stabilize and restore the leatherback turtle population in the Eastern Pacific Ocean.