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Eder Caceros
Eder Caceros

Eder works in the execution of sea turtle conservation projects. The annual incubation goal is 100,000 sea turtle eggs, and the project involves collaboration with community people dedicated to tracking turtles to collect the eggs. These people used to market the eggs, but with these projects, they can bring the eggs to hatcheries and receive a token payment for the collection effort. This way, we help the community while supporting the effort to maintain the turtle population. We also support the community by helping with the development of services and the teaching of various trades so that people can have another source of income and not have to depend on the illegal collection of turtle eggs.

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The Eastern Pacific Leatherback Turtle Conservation Network started in 2012 when over thirty researchers, NGOs, and regional experts came together to develop an action plan to stabilize and restore the leatherback turtle population in the Eastern Pacific Ocean.