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Alan Alfredo Zavala Norzagaray
Alan Alfredo Zavala Norzagaray

Alan is a research professor at the National Polytechnic Institute-CIIDIR Sinaloa, Mexico, where he has been working for 21 years. He is the Coordinator of the Wildlife Protection and Conservation Program in the Department of the Environment, which he established in 2005; and he is the Head of the Wildlife and Emerging Diseases Laboratory. He holds a Bachelor’s in Fisheries Biology, a Master’s in Natural Resources and Environment, and a Ph.D. in Environmental Biotechnology. He has always been interested in fieldwork to generate data and research to develop conservation plans for protected species and alternatives for the sustainable use of natural resources, mainly in protected natural areas. He is a member of several networks of sea turtles conservation such as Laúd OPO, ICAPO, GTC, RETOS. He is currently the regional co-chair of MTSG for IUCN, and the representative of Mexico in the Eastern Pacific region. He is a member of the National System of Researchers Level (I). He has supervised 13 master’s theses and five bachelor’s theses, and he currently supervises four doctoral theses and three master’s theses. He has directed forty-three research projects through agreements with national and international agencies and associations, on topics that help strengthen local, regional, and national capacities, which can help reduce the impacts of climate change and increase the resilience of communities and ecosystems with the participation of local communities in monitoring activities of fauna species.

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The Eastern Pacific Leatherback Turtle Conservation Network started in 2012 when over thirty researchers, NGOs, and regional experts came together to develop an action plan to stabilize and restore the leatherback turtle population in the Eastern Pacific Ocean.