Brenda Sarahi Ramos Rivera

I am a marine ecologist and I have been working with sea turtles for 8 years. I am currently pursuing a Doctorate in Environmental Sciences with the topic of socio-ecological aspects of sea turtle conservation in the state of Guerrero, where we study sea turtles from the cultural and traditional aspects and the ecological knowledge […]

Emilia Wendolin Salazar

I carry out night tours to recover the clutches of the different species of sea turtles that lay their eggs on this beach, apply tags to female leatherback turtles, and monitor humidity and temperature in the hutchery.

Manuel Salvador Hernández Cebrero

I am currently the president of Barreros de San Luis A.C. We are committed to the care of the area adjacent to the Sanctuary, a protected natural area of Piedra de Tlacoyunque on the beach of San Luis de la Loma, in the municipality of Tecpan de Galeana, Guerrero. Mexico.

Beatriz Alejandra Galván Moscaira

I am a Biologist by profession. I studied the biology of the leatherback turtle on Ventura Beach, Guerrero, in 2013 I carried out my undergraduate research with the topic: clutch size and hatching success in leatherback turtles, in 2021 I started with the master’s degree, we wrote an article focused on temperature and humidity in […]

Brígido Angelito

Community Coordinator of the Tortugero de las Californias Group in Barra de Tecoanapa, municipality of Marquelia, Guerrero. Working with fishermen to mitigate bycatch in the feeding zone. One of my priorities is to reduce the poaching of sea turtle nests in this community.

Jorge Lezama

Responsible for providing follow-up to turtle conservation projects in the Pacific of Nicaragua, training, performing data analysis to generate information regarding sea turtles.

Catherine E. Hart

Member of the National System of Researchers (Level 1: Mexico), Catherine graduated with a degree in Marine Biology from the Technological Institute of Bahía de Banderas (2004-2008), she has a master’s degree in Conservation and Biodiversity from the University of Exeter- England (2008-2009) and PhD in Biosystematics, Ecology and Management of Natural and Agricultural Resources […]

Elizabeth Gutiérrez Llanos

Professional in Fisheries Engineering, he has developed his work in the artisanal fisheries of Peru, supporting and developing projects for the evaluation, mitigation, and reduction of incidental capture of vulnerable marine species (cetaceans, turtles and elasmobranchs), where he works directly with fishermen and artisanal shipowners. of the deep-sea fleet, I also train artisanal and industrial […]

Aliki Panagopoulou

I have been involved in sea turtle conservation since 1994, starting my career working for the conservation of loggerhead turtles in Greece. After several years in charge of ARCHELON’s conservation projects in Greece, I left for the United States where I received my Ph.D. in Environmental Science under Dr. James R. Spotila in 2015. I […]

Jairo Coronado

I am originally from the municipality of San Juan del Sur, Department of Rivas, Nicaragua. I have worked for fifteen years in the conservation of sea turtles through the protection of their nesting sites, and monitoring the nesting beaches, as well as the reefs. I love the leatherback turtle and I am committed to being […]