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ProDelphinus is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that has been working since 1995, whose mission is to conserve the marine ecosystem of Peru, promoting research and conservation projects in threatened marine species such as sea turtles, minor cetaceans, seabirds and sharks, and the interactions that these species may have with fishing communities along the Peruvian coast, contributing to scientific knowledge and promoting environmental education. ProDelphinus provides training to artisanal fishermen in sea-friendly techniques. The work sites in the coastal marine zone include Máncora, Cabo Blanco, Talara, Sechura, Paita in Piura and San José in Lambayeque in the north and Salaverry, in central Peru.

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The Eastern Pacific Leatherback Turtle Conservation Network started in 2012 when over thirty researchers, NGOs, and regional experts came together to develop an action plan to stabilize and restore the leatherback turtle population in the Eastern Pacific Ocean.